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Our 100% cotton organizer keeps your table clutter free.

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Simplify your Storage

Our Patent Pending signature organizer is unlike ALL other Ping Pong organizers currently on the market. The Model 42 organizer is made from durable 100% cotton instead of petroleum based plastics, extending the lifespan of the paddles and the organizer itself. 

It is also the ONLY organizer currently available that holds your net in addition to paddles and balls making it THE complete storage system. This organizer is designed to last as long as the life of the table itself.

Meet the Model 42

The Model 42 provides 4 dedicated, cotton pockets (1 for each of your 4 paddles) providing a gentle, protective pocket to slip into like your favorite pair of jeans. The Model 42 also provides 2 additional pockets. One for holding about dozen balls and one for holding the net and (most) net stands.

The unique dual mounting design allows the Model 42 to attach to every ping pong table, many without the use of tools. The first option is to attach the organizer to the underside of the table with the provided adhesive mounts. This works with both wood and aluminum tables. The second option is for tables that have a cross support beam between the legs. You can use the attached ties to fold over and lash the organizer around the cross support with no tools required. When your table is folded up, the organizer folds up with it giving you convenient access to all your gear at all times. Because the Model 42 organizer mounts to under the table and not to the frame of the table, everything stays neatly out of your way. We’re sure you will find this organizer superior in every way!


Great for Tiger, Butterfly, and other green tables.


Great for Joola, Stiga and other blue tables.


Great for Killerspin, Cornilleau and other black or red tables.

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